Atari Falcon030 RTC replacement

RTC clock failure is the most common hardware issue seen on Atari Falcon030. The symptoms are: not keeping the data/time after system reboot, problems with booting up, failure to keep NVRAM settings (like booting video mode, keyboard settings, language settings). An internal RTC Clock battery has sole right to refuse to work after 15-20 years of operation. The easiest way and most elegant is to fix it is to replace the whole module. The alternative solution are like those with AA batteries, which means that you have to cut old module on motherboard (diconnect the internal, dead battery and connect new, external power supply).
To replace the old module the minimal set of equipment is needed: soldering iron with some solder, screw driver and replacement RTC clock (I’ve used Dallas DS12887+ which is cheap and should be widely available) and socket for it (as an option, after all you can solder the module directly to the motherboard).
I took the photos of the whole process and posted it in the gallery.
After replacing the module you have to reset the NVRAM by running standard NVRAM configuration programs (it’s very important) or by pressing Left Alt+Control+Right Shift+Undo during boot. If you’re an owner of CT60/63 you can do it by pressing Control+Alt+Undo during boot, but before SDRAM test.

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