OPL3.play new drivers

I’ve implemented two more drivers for OPL3 Duo! and OPL2 Audio boards. Unfortunately SPI emulation takes it toll on plain 8Mhz STs.

1) OPL3 Duo!

Atari Falcon 030 with full 030:

Some more advanced tunes with 4OP (similar to those on OPL3LPT):

Atari 520ST+

2) OPL2 Audio board:

Atari 520ST+

There’s small room for optimisations, but not much. So, next will be player / timing improvements (it’s still not interrupt driven and rather rough), adding more tune formats and work on dedicated ST cart I guess (at least version not burning mmu’s). Ideally I would prefer something more integrated with cpu bus and exposed in memory map. So, to sum things up currently I have support for OPL2LPT/OPL3LPT, OPL3 Express via USB and OPL3 Duo! and OPL2 Audio board.

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