OPL3 cartridge PCB prototype (still going…)

I’ve spent some time on Atari ST OPL3/YM262 cartridge pcb design based on my schematics. I’ve barely routed it. Cartridge<->OPL3 interface part was pretty tough, but I’ve made it. Still I’m not sure if I will go to electronics hell for it ;-).

There are some DRC issues, which I have to resolve before sending it to manufacturing, make +5V/GND traces thicker, add some debug connectors for easier debugging and add mounts for a case. I’ve learnt some new things like adding ground planes :P. I still don’t know what I’m doing if you ask..

If this thing will work at all I will probably replace all THT elements with SMT / SMD ones to make everything more compact. Currently I’m using THT parts, because they are easier to replace during development. Decoupling capacitors will be probably replaced with film ones. After that I will send design to manufacturer, will pray to machine god, gather parts and assemble prototype to verify if it actually does what it should..

Still don’t have cool name for this cart and haven’t figured out cartridge case design (and how I will make it).

Looks nice, but will it work? ;) Still looking for cool AdLib and OPL3 logo in svg format to put it on pcb..

fmST OPL3 cartridge top view
fmST OPL3 cartridge bottom view
fmST OPL3 cartridge, KiCAD design view

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