AMIDIlib status

Today another milestone related to my MIDI library was reached :). When I’ve began to work on it – at 29th September 2008 there was first, historical commit to projects SVN repository, I had no idea how long everything will take and that I will arrive so far. Today all the bricks, built during several months, fell in the right places and the whole solution starts to work.
Fully decoded sequence from MIDI type 0,1 is sent to external synthetiser. It’s really close to full implementation of basic functionality (MIDI sequence replay).
In few coming days I will be working on correct tempo handling and sending the groups of commands according to delta time signature (it’s pretty easy, because all the events are sorted already).
Test program that I’ve wrote handles everything pretty nicely. It handled MIDI type 1 file (several independent tracks) with ca. 7000 MIDI events on Atari Mega STE with 4mb RAM – atm the only constraint is the amount of computer memory.
After that more MIDI file types handling – other than the standard ones, will be added (like XMIDI, MUS etc..) and specific functions for particular synthetisers from Roland MT-32 family. I’m also planning implementation of correct, embedded SysEx messages handling and loading instrument patches from separate files.

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