BadMood beta SV2014 edition

BadMood betaAt SillyVenture 2014 demo party, which was held in Gdansk at last weekend, D.M.L. has published new version of BadMood – port of Doom for Atari Falcon030 (standard 16mhz machine).
Port among other things has new textures, graphics, samples, alot of graphics engine optimisations, special ‘attract mode’ and of course new bugs ;-). There is new midi music replay – with custom, internal software mixer or via external midi modules. Support for external midi modules with hardware midi player was written by me. It is a very first Atari port with midi music support. More details are in docs and official site.
BadMood beta can be downloaded from official website.
I will try to publish video footage of new port recorded on real hardware with music soon.

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