Games Day/Golden Demon 2010 UK photo report

Games Day 2010 UKLate as ever I’ve digged out from my private vault photos from “Games Day 2010 UK” which was held at 30th of September in Birmingham, NEC LG Arena. Photos can be found here or you can click the image on the left.
For uninitiated Games Day is an annual event organised by Games Workshop, company which is responsible for tabletop battlegames like Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40k and board games like “Space Hulk” and “Talisman”. In three really big arenas there was possibility to see how the process of games production looks, meet and talk with people responsible for overall design of products: game designers, miniature sculptors, painters, modellers, concept artists, authors of books. Also new line of products called “Warhammer Forge” has been revealed.
There were also stands of board games producer Fantasy Flight Games and booths with computer games based on GW’s franchises: THQ (Dawn of War, Space Marine), Focus Home Interactive (Blood Bowl) and Mythic Entertainment (Warhammer Online).
New trailer of new CG movie set in Warhammer 40k universe, called “Ultramarines the movie ” has been shown and as usual Golden Demon, prestigous painting and modelling contest, has been held.

Winning Golden Demon 2010 entries can be seen on unofficial Golden Demon page.

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