Punker than punk


May is gone and was rather busy, I’ve pushed forward AMIDI library and I’m *really* close to first working alpha prototype. I’ve converted whole code base to modern gcc 4.5 compiler, fixed bugs which were detected mostly with the new compiler, removed Pure C support at all and I’ve also experimented with mixing gcc code and m68k assembler output generated by VASM. The results of my research and experiments led to updated Atari cross compilation page. I’ve also added some infos about debugging and links to Atari Documentation archive.

In Miniature painting field I’ve started two projects (they are bigger than I usually have done in the past) – dragon and Witch-king on fell beast :). I’ve also tried to improve my photos and it ended up with an article about setting environment for photography with only one light source. I’ve also added link to my gallery subalbum W.I.P. not R.I.P. (abbreviation form from Work In Progress not Rest In Peace ;-)) in Miniature painting section, so now it’s easier to track down what’s going on on my desk.

It seems that near period will be concert heavy and I will be broke for sure, in following months Warsaw will be visited by Skinny Puppy, Front line assembly and Fear Factory. I’m happy as hell, because these bands are with me for decades, keep me going and I haven’t seen them live before. In June there will be Crystal Castles too (they are worth checking out, especially their first album which smells with good, old C64 SID tunes and old synthetisers. (And now they are calling it alternative ;-) ). Canadian warfare :-), I love Canada :-).

I would also mention some things that catched my eye in independent game development field. I couldn’t resist this time, really….
First is that Basilisk Games has released Eschalon book II of their classic RPG (for Windows/Linux/Mac). If you enjoyed old Ultima/Baldur’s gate series and similar this game will make you happy.
Second is Revenge of Titans by Puppy Games. The graphics, retro games inspired, is really great (alien invanders are looking evil as never before). The other Puppy Games games are also worth checking out, especially their Space Invaders clone. What I like about these games is that they are technically brillant, are catching eye, are damn addictive.
It would be unfair not to mention “His Dark Majesty” an independent, fantasy RTS game written for 8-bit Atari’s. And it’s polish product! Keep up good work..

In short, support independent developers and buy their games, why?:
” As we’re a small independent company, pre-ordering will keep us in pies and ale until we finish the game. Otherwise it’s bread and water for us. Happy pie and ale fuelled developers = better games.”
excerpt from Puppy Games site

Other significant news are that source code of games created by independent developers: Aquaria, Lugaru, Gish, Penumbra Overture were open sourced under GPL.

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