I went wild a little on this one ( too much grindcore ;) ). I’ve tried several things like fire effect, contrasting colors (warm tones on lower part of figure, cool tones in the shadows and upper half of miniature). I’ve also used metallic paints this time. Base is scratch build from magic sculpt, painted and covered with pigment.
This piece is little messy (in comparison to my other models). But I don’t even indended to be neat this time. The most frustrating element to paint in this model was armour, it drove me nearly mad… This is a little warmup before Balrog ;)….
Sauron (Citadel Miniatures).
Painted with Vallejo and Citadel acrylics.

You can vote on this mini on CoolMiniOrNot portal as usual.

From the other, more earthly things: spring is here (at last) and additionally today I’ve reached thirty (ugh …) .

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