[NOKTURNAL] site is back!

After the long inactivity period that took several months I’ve managed to reactivate the site. The whole database, fileserver, even one, redundant gallery wasn’t spared during traditional spring time clean-up process. At this moment there’s nearly no content, but I hope that it will change in the near future. The first positive thing is that, at last, I can do more interesting things like coding and painting. In first order I would like to add the content from the former version of the site and after that move on to expand the existing article base. After that only world domination will remain ;-)…

Site at current state has many bugs (I hope that everyone will understand), but the most important fact is that all the functionalities that I wanted are working fine (there is lack of polish translations for several parts of interface). Second, quite revolutionary feature is that site is bilingual at last :-).

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