REminiscence-0.1.9 Atari Falcon030 port

flashback title

last update: 21-03-2010

Reminiscence is an interpreter that enables playing Delphine Software Flashback on Atari Falcon030 home computer. To play a game you need original Flashback data files from PC version (not included due to legal reasons). Optionally you can install module pack from Amiga version for digital music (special version is below) and american version SegaCD speech files (new feature in 0.1.9 – some ingame dialogs are spoken, but not the in-game cutscenes, so don’t report it as a bug).
Additional support for Atari jagpad controllers, incorporated improvements from PSP/GP2X ports by Rlyeh and Sektor, added functionality to make TGA screenshots and removed all debug info from release build.
Somekind of accelerator board (bus and/or CPU is strongly recommended). Under MiNT disable all software screen expanders, this version doesn’t work well with Aranym.

Source code is provided in separate archive (under GPL terms).

All other details can be found in READ_ME.NFO (details about Atari port) contained in binary and source archives and in original REminiscence release README file.

Here you can see some screenshots from the Atari version.


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