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I’m painting on and off since 1994, at first mainly Games Workshop / Citadel Miniatures (Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Epic Wh40k, Warmaster, Mordheim), but later I have discovered other manufacturers products. I have made also some terrain pieces and painted several armies on demand in the past.
Nowadays I’m painting individual models for my own pleasure. I’m also trying to improve my modelling and painting skills constantly. I usually paint with acrylics, but I also paint with oils and airbrush. I have little training in traditional art and interior design and it helps me a lot in my work.

If it comes about programming it started in mid 90′ on Atari STe (sure I’ve got 8-bit Atari’s earlier, but it was more about gaming than anything else). Firstly I’ve tried GFA-Basic, then I have switched to m68k assembly and after that I have started learning C language (which I don’t regret to this day).
The main drive behind it was to learn computer games programming. It wasn’t easy in these times, internet wasn’t publicly available and there were no books at all about this topic. I was also strongly influenced by individuals behind computer demoscene and first games programmers. As there was a small amout of games coming out on 16/32 bit Atari’s (company was closed in 1994) I have started porting games from other systems to 16/32 bit Atari’s and I’ve experimented with external MIDI sound modules (existing ports of Atari games had already sound effects, but were mostly without music).
In the meantime PC’s got a lot of market share and I’ve started developing applications for Windows/Linux (in C/C++). It was mainly graphical user interfaces design / programming in various native / cross-platform API’s and hardware accelerated computer graphics (DirectX / OpenGL).

At the moment I work as a programmer and I help with porting games to various operating systems, platforms and consoles ( PC (Windows / Linux/ SteamOS), next/current generation of consoles (PS4 / XBox One) and others).

Pawel Goralski / Saulot

Here is my LinkedIn profile.

Currently I’m in ranking of miniature painters on CoolMiniOrNot portal.

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