uIPTool new version

Sqward and me were working on new uIPTool version for some time and today we can finally reveal it.
uIPTool brings an easy way to download, upload files and remotely execute programs on your favourite TOS machine via network. The only requirement is NetUSBee / Ethernec compatible network adapter. No need to install FreeMiNT operating system or STING/STiK TCP/IP stacks.
Upload, download and program execution is performed via http interface and/or modern web browser.

It is a self contained binary, including a TCP/IP stack based on uIP embedded stack with DHCP support and minimalistic http server.

Changes in comparison to previous versions:
* Way faster data transfers: 350KB/s upload on Atari Falcon 030, 200KB/s upload on plain Atari ST
* Binary is 6 times smaller then the previous versions
* Should require almost no memory – base Atari 520ST model should be enough
* Loads of bugfixes and optimizations – should be snappier and more responsive
* Remote file execution and output redirection for developers
* Added possibility to set and use of static IP
* Slimmed down and completely reworked web interface

Below you can watch short demonstration of remote file execution with console output redirection:

Tool can be downloaded from official uIPTool project page.

If you think uIPTool is useful and you are using it on regular basis send to us some feedback and consider sending a donation to encourage it’s further development.

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