Last entry this year

Last day of this year, I didn’t write for some time, so this is good time for short summary.

As a short break from longer, more demanding projects I’ve made up a smart plan: I should take a break from making display models, which are created forever and work more on miniatures for board games to finish something and to play those games in decent way ;-).

I thought that it will be quick, because models are less demanding and few are needed in comaprison to tabletop battle games. Unfortunately big amount of hours speaks for itself and I still doesn’t have full painted set.
So, beginning of a new year I will commit to finishing ongoing projects.

Space Hulk

Genestealers are mostly painted. Some of them need additional work. I’ve painted twenty at once and whole process was very exhausting and stretched very much in time, so I switched to Hero Quest painting for some time. There are still 10 terminators to paint.

Hero Quest

I didn’t want to enter new year with barely started orcs and goblins and I have finished them just in time. Unfortunately there is quite long que to paint.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Undead Coach

Waits patiently for it’s time.

A&D Skeleton Giant / Grenadier Models

Also awaits for finishing. I’m not sure if I will pick him before finishing Space Hulk.

So, see you in the new year!

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