BadMood 0.32 video footage with MIDI music

As I’ve promised sometime ago I present nearly half hour long material from BadMood gameplay, which is a port of Id Software Doom made especially for Atari Falcon 030. Presented version is “hq audio” one with enhanced, high quality stereo sound. Music is generated from from external MIDI sound module. Unfortunately video capture quality is disappointing, because it was captured via composite video signal (with Elgato Game Capture HD). I have no possiblity to capture video directly from VGA or RGB ports.
Everything was recorded from Atari Falcon 030 (original, unmodified version, 16mHz CPU m68030, DSP56001, 14mb ram) in RGB mode, this not an emulator. Audio was directly from Falcon’s audio ports and Roland CM-500 MIDI sound module connected to Atari midi out ports. Music replay was written, completely from scratch by me, especially for this project.

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