Atari midi player samples

Hi, after a long break ;-). Below I’m presenting music samples of my midi player on which I have worked on for some time. Player is targeted at 16/32 bit Atari home computers (based on Motorola m68k processors). It was written from ground up with games / ports in mind which use midi interface.

Soon I plan to release first official public version with all converters and sample code. Before it happens I have to make sure that I have no serious errors. Midi player operates on preprocessed, custom file format optimised for music replay and it bypasses operating system. There will be also option of loading original midi files (0 and 1) and other weird formats (like Id Software MUS).
External GM / GS module is required. Preprocessed files have this advantage over traditional midi files that they doesn’t need to be reparsed all the time, are loading much faster than standard midi files, can be optionally compressed and use minimal cpu resources during replay.

Music samples were recorded from Roland CM-500 midi sound module connected to Atari Falcon 030 computer (mc68030 / 16mhz, without FPU) via midi port. Music is from Id Software Doom 1.

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