Jam API, missing manual

During a short break from hard work I’ve managed to finish article about Cream’s Jam API and usage of Jam plugins in your own programs/games/demos.
Especially for this article C language wrapper was made, which should ease coder’s life a little.
What does it mean? In very easy and quick way we can replay variety of music formats from many platforms on Atari ST/Ste/Mega/TT/Falcon030 computers, there is alot them to choose from. Full list is on official Cream website. There are plugins for CPU and DSP, which literally beg for use.

Example code and wrapper is under MIT, very pro-family / humanitarian license. There are also other things included like basic file handling, runtime machine detection (everything what is needed is throwed into one structure with one function call, there is no need to dive into cookies – if you don’t know, Atari ST and similar are the only computers in the world which have built-in Cookie Jar , no kidding :)), custom C startup for gcc 4.xx (to slim down binaries size, besides everybody knows that standard c library is good for girls ;)) and much more interesting things.

Here is link to the article. If someone faints while looking at C or assembler code then don’t click. ;)

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