Merry All Hallows’ Eve

Last week I’ve managed to finish two miniature projects (one in really fast manner). Below are photos and gallery links with more pictures. Unfortunately, I was unable to do better photos, I’ve made them on last minute and miniatures have their new owners already ( Hi! ;) ).

1) Fallen Angel (Freebooter miniatures), ~50mm scale, white metal model, sculptor: Werner Klocke.
more photos in higher resolution

fallen angel photo

2) Al-Vianna (Studio McVey), 28mm scale, resin model, sculptor: Yannick Hennebo
more photos in higher resolution.

This miniature is one, great trail of disasters. It fell many times from desk, has broken wrist, broken sword hilt (which I almost lost), two times I had to scrap paint from the face due to my errors ;). Base is hand made from cork and “Magic Sculpt”. Most difficult miniature I’ve painted to date (very small, alot of details). Maybe I will make another version someday. There is only 750 pieces produced of this miniature in the world, there will be no more casts.

Al-Vianna (Studio McVey)

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