New version of gcc C/C++ cross-compiler, VBCC/VASM and AHCC for Atari TOS/FreeMiNT

Today new version of gcc 4.6.1cross-compiler for m68k Atari TOS machines was published.
Compiler is available for Windows x86 (Cygwin environment is required) and in form of debian packages for Ubuntu Linux (x86 for now, AMD64 should be available soon).
It comes with latest binutils and mintlib. Two gcc improvements are noticeable: compiler generates more warnings, which is good and compilation speed has greatly increased.

If someone has missed it, at 5th August new version of VBCC C compiler, VLINK linker and VASM m68k/Coldfire assembler were released.

There is also new version of AHCC (A Home Cooked C Compiler), which is a Pure C compatible compiler/assembler for the ATARI ST and its offspring. There are plain m68000, m68020+ and Coldfire binary builds.

VBCC/GCC/AHCC are the only modern compilers which are supporting Atari/m68k/Coldfire platform, still developed and maintained.

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