GRAFX 2 2.4 wip for Atari Falcon

GRAFX2 logo It seems that lunar eclipses are good for me :P. On GRAFX2 project’s website I have uploaded archive with latest build of graphics program/pixel painter GRAFX2 v. 2.4 wip for Atari Falcon (060 processor is really recommended ; ). Ach yes, I have ommited the official, last version, but I think that it will show up really soon.
Additionally, in documentation section in SVN repository, I have included detailed instructions how to build program from sources (with instructions for building needed libraries) and tips which will help to build executables for computers equipped with Coldfire processor (e.g. Firebee).

In the new version there is alot of changes in comparison to 2.2, which in moment of release was seriously outdated. There were no official release since a long time, and most changes were already in SVN repository. Those changes were materialised in 2.3 version, which was released in April this year. I really encourage trying out the new version.

update: There will be no 2.3 release, because there were no new functionalities added to 2.4wip and it can be treated as latest 2.3 stabile one with additional bugfixes.

update 2: Compilation instructions are on official wiki now.

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