GrafX2 2.2 beta Atari port is now available!

GRAFX2_hatari2GrafX alternatywny skinGrafX2 ekran tytułowyGrafX2 w akcji na Atari Falcon z CT60 (640x480@8 bit)Grafx2 makro edycja, ładowanie pliku GIFScreenshot, Hatari emulator 320x240px 8-bit modeGrafX2 is a bitmap paint program inspired by the Amiga programs Deluxe Paint and Brilliance. Specialized in 256-color drawing, it includes a very large number of tools and effects that make it particularly suitable for pixel art, game graphics, and generally any detailed graphics painted with a mouse. The program is mostly developed on Linux and Windows, but is also portable on many other platforms.

Now it’s available for Atari Falcon030/TT:

More info in attached docs and at GRAFX2 project website.

Minimum requirements
Atari Falcon with some sort of acceleration, 14mb ram or other, similar machine that manages to display 320×240 resolution in 8 bit mode minimum. Build works on bare Falcon 030, but don’t be disappointed.
Works under TOS/MiNT (1.16.x/1.17.x). Executable was tested on Falcon + CT60(66,6mhz, 14mb ST-RAM/64 TT-RAM), standard Falcon030 with 14mb ST-RAM. It may work on Atari TT too, although I couldn’t test it.

Additional notes
This release comes with all sources(as is) to satisfy GPL licence. For updates check out official project website:
Before reporting any bug check out issues list on official website. The changes that I’ve made should be available on project’s SVN trunk soon with fixed Makefile for native and cross compilation.
If you have TTF fonts, then they are searched in C:/BTFONTS (NVDI) folder too.
Important: Program can be launched with FreeMiNT’s memory protection. But you have to execute following line from bash shell: “flags -S ./GRAFX2.TTP” (only once).

There are two binaries in the archive:
– with enabled layers (GRAFX2.TTP)
– with disabled layers (GRAFX2NL.TTP).
Disabled layers are recommended for lower spec machines.

Some hints for lower spec machines and RGB monitors:
1) Launch disabled layers version only (GRAFX2NL.TTP).
2) Be sure to launch system with CONTROL pressed during boot, so RAM will not be grabbed by other applications.
3) Reduce number of UNDO pages to 1 and turn off the backups (it seems that this is broken in this build, I couldn’t turn it off).
4) To run GRAFX2 on RGB monitor some settings in GFX2.INI have to changed: default video has to be changed to 320,200, and screen mode changed to fullscreen.
5) Setting “Merge_movement” in GFX2.INI can change alot – it’s frequency of mouse movement reporting. Increasing it we are losing precision though. Everyone with standard Falcons/TTs could try for example 20 value.

Known bugs
– some formats from other platforms weren’t fully tested. Following: png,
bmp, neo, pi1, pc1, gif were tested and should work.
– Loading 24/32 bit pngs is causing crash, be warned,
probably it’s libpng fault.
– Lua scripting isn’t working properly, but I haven’t disabled it.
– not everything was thoroughly tested. If you have found a bug, then
submit bug on official bug tracker.

Little update: I’ve repackaged archive with binaries, because some users had problems with it’s extraction.

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