“Bus Error” wiki for Atari coders

http://bus-error.nokturnal.plFinally it’s here. One stop site for Atari 16/32 bit coders and developers – “Bus Error” wiki.
Why “Bus error”? Because it’s most common error seen when programming our grey boxes, Windows has it’s infamous blue screen of death, Linux has kernel panic, Amiga has guru meditation, we have white screen filled with bombs :).
The aim is to provide updated, verified and relevant information about tools of the trade and gather all interesting information and reference material as possible. Handpicked from different sources – experience, web, discmags, paper mags, books (mostly out of print and no longer available).

If you’re are seeking Atari related manuals, books and tutorials related to coding or you’re newbie overwhelmed by amount materials on the web and you don’t know where to start this is the place for you. Site is now open and it’s not by any means complete. If you’re able to help with adding content, making book scans, write about topic which is not covered in the wiki then contact me.
I would like also invite existing, experienced coders to share their experiences: useful code snippets, frameworks, toolchain setup (native or not) … Any feedback is also appreciated.
I hope that this site will evolve to something bigger and worthwhile.

I would like to dedicate it to all the coders from the future and the past and all the people who still actively support Atari home computers.

Small note: All my tutorials about using cross compilation under Cygwin/Linux has been moved to this wiki.

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