I love D.I.Y. philosophy

July has ended, September begun. After some sound checks both Roland CM-500 and ym2149 I came back to the timings for midi sequences replay. The problem wasn’t as hard as I thought the result of my research is here.
So to sum up everything, I have all the pieces that will enable me midi sequences replay on Atari 16/32 bit, now I have to put all of them together :). After finishing this stuff, I will work on parsing other, more exotic MIDI file formats.

From some time I wanted badly SidStation, which unfortunately is no longer produced. Ofcourse, it can be bought on Ebay for some astronomical amounts of money, but you know, I’m not that rich yet.
Hopefully, I’ve found better alternative – MIDIbox SID. Instead of 1 SID chip you can put even 8 of them into one case, the full documentation is published as open source, so anyone can assemble his own SID synthetiser. So, I plan to put mine together. :) It can be controlled by MIDI interface of course. Cost-wise everything will end much below current prices of SidStation for sure.

Here is the little demo what this little beast can do:

MIDIbox SID V2 Bassline Demo #5 from Thorsten Klose on Vimeo.

There’s also more alternatives like HardSID and MSSIAH. The first one I’ve discarded, because of lack of MIDI interface. The second one supports up to 2 SIDs only, but instead is very cheap and reasonable option.

It seems that amount of cannibalised c64’s will go further up. After all you have to pull out all those SIDs from somewhere.

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