New development weblog

There were no news from some long time. I must admit there were no progress with my AMidi project – my Atari’s are gathering dust for several months, mostly because of Real Life [TM] and school which eats up more and more of my time. I’ve also concluded that adapting the existing sources to modern, gcc compiler (they are for PureC for now) wouldn’t be bad idea. I hope that I will pick it up soon, but I don’t think that it will be sooner than next february :(. Still this is the project that I would like to see finished (which in turn is the milestone to another projects ;) ).

Second thing is that I’ve opened small development weblog and removed gamedev section from this site – which in the end was empty all the time.
The reason behind this that I want pursue more seriously game development career(PCs/consoles) and want to focus on it. I need to learn and experiment more so I created separate section for it. This will also place for showing my work progress and demos, I hope that it will be, a little technology playground. I will not mention that it’s also connected with my BSc in games development which is really close.

Third thing, I am droping polish translations of some texts on the site, the time became crucial recently, sorry. Also the number visits is rather low, so I’m not convinced to do this anymore. I’ve also shut down guestbook for good (thanks anyone who took time to sign in), so anything that remains is comments for posts.

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