Lay off here and there…

I’ve opened small section in Atari section about modern tools that could be used to develop software for 16/32 bit Atari computers (mainly gcc 4.3.3/ VASM/ VBCC under winXP and Cygwin) on modern hardware. I’ts has alot missing parts atm, but I will fill everything shortly.
Setting the whole environment, compiling and setting up all the required libraries can be frustrating at times, but with this small subsection I will try to make Atari developer life a little easier (I hope so).
I’ve also included list of links to essential tools, resources and libraries.

Other news are that I will be layed off from my company shortly, after ca. 3 years of work. You know, worldwide crisis, mass lay offs etc. I’ve only waited for this to happen. This is bad ofcourse, but maybe I will find job in game development.

Naturally I will not stop all of my activities :).

And what about you? Have you been layed off already? ;))

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